Graduate & Professional

Forge Ahead Here

Reinvention never stops. Neither do we, and neither should you. A graduate or professional degree from the University of Pittsburgh will push your career even further.

Applications for admission to graduate study are managed by Pitt's 14 graduate and professional schools, not by a central admissions office. You'll find details about each program within our school and college websites.

Financial support is available to you. Financial awards, including graduate student researcher (GSR) positions, teaching fellowships (TFs), teaching assistantships (TAs), graduate student assistantships (GSAs), and other fellowships, are awarded by individual schools or programs, typically as part of an admissions offer.

There will always be questions to answer, and when you have questions, it's best to reach out to your program of interest for the details you need. This includes questions about applications, admission criteria (including English proficiency), curriculum and financial awards.

The process of reinvention never stops. Forge ahead.

International Students

International students should contact their program directly for admission requirements. Programs may require admitted international students to take additional English-language testing from our English Language Institute. Once an international student is admitted, the Office of International Services will help the student adjust to Pitt, including offering advice for relocating and housing. Many international-student organizations help connect new international students to the University community.

Resources for Success

Beyond ensuring high-quality academic programming, Pitt provides the resources to help our graduate and professional students succeed and engage in the University community. From high-quality health insurance for students holding academic appointments to GPSG-coordinated student representation on University-wide committees, Pitt students can utilize a variety of campus and school resources.

Graduate and Professional Student Orientation

Each August, the Graduate and Professional Student Orientation welcomes new graduate-level students from all of Pitt's 14 schools. The event provides opportunities for incoming students to meet University leaders, learn about resources to support their academic and non-academic needs, discover student organizations dedicated to helping grads get involved in campus life, and meet grads from around campus.