A major in Italian gives students at the University of Pittsburgh the opportunity to study in detail a foreign language and to acquire an education in a literary and cultural tradition central to the humanities. Studying Italian language, literature, and culture prepares students for graduate study in law and international affairs, advanced work in the humanities, and careers in business, governmental service, and teaching. The University is committed to international study, and students are encouraged to take advantage of the numerous opportunities to study abroad that are available to them. Students can combine a major in Italian with a second major in a field such as political science, history, anthropology, history of art and architecture, music, English, business, linguistics, or another foreign language.

The MA offers a comprehensive and rigorous introduction to the field and preparation for further study in Italian Literature, Culture, Theater, Film, and Linguistics. Through an intensive two-year period of study, research, and apprenticeship, students wishing to continue their studies are given individualized advising with the goal of identifying PhD programs that best match their goals and interests."