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Bachelor of Arts in Chinese

  • In-Person

Learn Chinese with emphasis on the importance of achieving proficiency in all the four skills, including listening, speaking, reading, and writing

Bachelor of Arts in Classics

  • In-Person

Devote your studies to that of the ancient Greek and Roman civilizations.

Bachelor of Arts in Communication Science

  • In-Person

Gain an understanding of how we communicate, different types of communication disorders and what types of careers lead to working with individuals with various speech, language, hearing or swallowing disorders.

Bachelor of Arts in Communication: Rhetoric & Communication

  • In-Person

Prepare to make change in the world by learning to think critically, speak confidently and persuasively, and solve problems.

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

  • In-Person

Prepare for a career in industry or continuing education at professional or graduate schools with foundations in chemistry, polymer science, computer science, and biological science.

Bachelor of Science in Combined Applied Studies in Education

  • In-Person

This program is designed for students interested in becoming teachers in early elementary (Grades PreK-4) and/or special education (Grades PreK-12).

Bachelor of Science in Computational Biology

  • In-Person

Prepare to understand core principles, models, and theories in the fields of biology and computer science and use them strategically to solve key problems in computational biology.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering

  • In-Person

Learn the fundamentals of mathematics and the physical sciences, coupled with a strong emphasis on analysis and design of computer hardware and software that is essential for solving real-world engineering problems.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

  • In-Person

Focus your studies on areas such as artificial intelligence, software engineering, data science, security, or high-performance systems.

Bachelor of Science in Engineering in Chemical Engineering

  • In-Person

Engage with coursework in the following areas: thermodynamics; mass and energy balances; energy, mass, and momentum transfer; unit operations; process dynamics and control; process design; and chemical reaction engineering.

Bachelor of Science in Engineering in Civil & Environmental Engineering

  • In-Person

Become a highly qualified civil and environmental engineer with the ability to excel in the growing workforce.

Central European Studies Certificate

  • In-Person

Study the the formation and transformation of regional identifications, migration and its effects on societies, national mythmaking, and collective memory in the context of national and ethnic diversity and a history of exceptional violence, as well as processes of European integration in the region most affected by Europe’s Cold War division.

Children's Literature Certificate

  • In-Person

Pitt's interdisciplinary, internationally recognized Certificate in Children’s Literature offers students the opportunity to bring together studies across a broad range of subjects as they contemplate questions pertaining to youth literature and culture.

Children, Youth & Families Certificate

  • In-Person

Prepare to provide services to vulnerable children and families through a wide range of public and private agencies.

Circular Economy Graduate Certificate

  • In-Person

The 15-credit certificate is designed for individuals looking to develop the skills and knowledge of circular economy necessary to support promising career opportunities. The curriculum is aimed at existing graduate students or professionals whose academic or professional aspirations require expertise in the understanding and application of circular economy.

Clinical Research Certificate

  • In-Person
  • Online

Gain the skills essential to design and conduct high-quality clinical and translational research with this program that can be completed over a year of part-time study.

Clinical Translational Sciences for Graduate Students Certificate

  • Hybrid

Develop expertise in conducting clinical and translational research. Learn how to translate your work from bench to bedside.

Communication Certificate

  • In-Person

This 24 credit Communication certificate program from the College of General Studies will help you develop your communication skills, whether you’re looking to enhance your persuasive speaking and presentation ability, improve your writing, or gain an understanding of how mass media affects society.

Community Health Assessment Certificate

  • In-Person

This flexible certificate program is perfect for social services or community health employees, nonprofit professionals interested in healthcare advocacy, and those looking to advance into leadership positions.

Community Organizing and Practice Certificate

  • In-Person

Acquire the ability to engage, assess, intervene, and evaluate practice with groups, organizations, and communities, bringing to bear evidence-informed approaches.