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Analytical skills. The ability to break down a complicated problem into smaller, approachable steps. Attention to detail. Critical thinking skills and sound reasoning. It’s hard to imagine an employer or graduate school admissions counselor who isn’t looking for these traits. Now use your analytical skills to deduce which Pitt offerings plus you equal a meaningful college experience.

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Student Experience

"Communication is such a huge component of statistics, and the statistics classes I’ve taken have emphasized this... All of my classes require communication skills. Without effective communication skills, statisticians would be unable to share any of the exciting methods, models, and predictions they create."

Klaire Roggeman (Statistics)

Read about the unique research Klaire Roggeman has conducted as a Statistics major.

Career Choices

Recent graduates in numbers have gone on to exciting careers, with such titles as: 

  • Biostatistician, National Institutes of Health
  • Editor-in-Chief, Lifetime Data Analysis
  • Executive Vice President and General Counsel, AIG
  • Finance and Risk Manager, The World Bank Group
  • Quantitative Researcher, The Climate Corporation
  • Market Research Executive, Food Marketing Institute (FMI)
  • Marketing Analyst, Modern Marketing Concepts
  • Mathematical Statistician, U.S. Food and Drug Administration
  • Pharmaceutical Research, GlaxoSmithKline
  • Principal Research Officer, Barclays Global Investors
  • Professor
  • Research Scientist, Harvard School of Public Health
  • Research Statistician, University of Oxford Department of Clinical Medicine
  • Software Engineer, Lockheed Martin