People & Society

A global perspective. Historical context. Modern culture. The mind. Each of these provides unique insight into how people think and behave. Having a better understanding of people—their brains, cultures, traditions, beliefs, stories—helps to develop superior communication skills and an ability to understand and appreciate diverse points of view. Studies in this area provide a well-rounded experience, supporting both analytic and creative thinking. While you’re being inspired by the greatest minds and moments of the past and present, you’re setting yourself up for success in the future, no matter where you’re heading.

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Student Experience

"What interested me at first about the philosophy major was the subject matter I was exposed to in introductory classes—philosophers writing beautiful passages, the content of which is aimed at asking life’s biggest questions. Then I read up on the department here at Pitt. It is one of the best in the English-speaking world."

Santino Petrocelli (Philosophy)

Read about Santino Petrocelli's experiences as a philosophy major.

Career Choices

Recent graduates in people and society have gone on to exciting careers, with such titles as: 

  • Accountant (Read Jennifer Lue's story here.) 
  • Attorney (Watch video)
  • Curatorial project manager, start-up tech-based art consultancy (Read Karen Lue's story here.) 
  • Engineer
  • Economic development solutions consultant
  • Internal medicine resident (Read Sumir Pandit's story here.)
  • Marketing manager (Read Nora Guignon's story here.)
  • Partner, Kennedy Blue Communications (Watch video)
  • Photographer
  • Professor
  • Research associate
  • Science teacher
  • Social worker (Watch video)